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A common misconception among home buyers is the idea that the best home values in today's market are foreclosures.
While there are some good deals on homes in foreclosure, for most buyers, buying or building a new home is actually the better value. 
Advantages to Buying a New Home
Low maintenance costs
A new home comes with everything new, which means fewer repairs on appliances, carpet, and siding, giving you more free time to enjoy your home and your family.
Home warranty videoA new home comes with a 10 year warranty. This includes a full builders warranty the first year and a 10-year structural warranty. This warranty is fully transferable when the house transfers owners. This is a great marketing plus when you realize that existing homes normally sell as is. click here for a warranty preview
This is a sample kitchenNew homes include built-in appliances, central air conditioning and heating systems, more electrical outlets and much more.
Energy Efficiency
New homes consume half as much energy as homes built prior to 1980. This benefits the environment, your health and your wallet. Every new home we build is built to the strict standards needed to meet the local energy provider, Georgia Power Earth Sense program. A new home can easily reduce your monthly utility bills by $300-$400 anually
Safety Features
Better heating systems, built-in smoke detectors, and better electrical power and wiring systems all decrease the risk of fire in a new home.
Built to Code
Code regulations change all the time. Consumer safety issues are continually addressed in new construction and conform to building codes. Over the last several years,
Older homes have many problems, lead based paint.....
numerous problems have been identified in older homes; asbestos insulation, lead based paints, lead used in water systems and mold; the list never seems to end.
On average, a home built today has 700 more square feet of living space than one built 20 years ago. This means more windows, closet space, spacious garages, larger kitchens and more bathrooms.
Spacious Floor Plan Options
New home buyers can design their own home or choose from numerous predesigned plans  to find a home that matches their Lifestyle
Choice of Interior and Exterior Finishing
New home buyers can choose carpet colors, wall coverings, paint colors, lighting fixtures, trees, shrubbery, etc.
Home-Site Selection
Prospective buyers can choose a piece of land and build a house to suit their needs. With the slowdown in building new homes, the cost of a building lot has decreased allowing more house being built for the same cost.
New homes have a longer life expectancy; therefore they have higher appraisal and more favorable resale values than older homes.
Why not get the most for your money and buy a brand new home
When you think about it buying a home is sort of like buying a  car. Would you buy the car below on the left for your family or would you research new cars to get exactly what you need
If you need a new car, this is noot for you. Much the same with a house.
What we all need is a new car, the same as a new home. Less problems and a 10 year warranty.
A custom built dream homeEmotional factor of newness.
Let's face it, there's nothing like owning something that's brand new, never been used, whether it's a car or a home.
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